Beer direct from the brewery. Tel: 01223 862067. 36pt polypins from £67, 72pt firkins from £102.

COVID-19; An update

Some good news — we're still here and we are brewing beer.

I'd like to thank all of our customers for the lovely support shown over the last horrible few months. We've taken a big hit — there is no getting away from it — but we are still here and it is all down to you.

We have, thus far, received no financial help from government at all. The myriad schemes to support the hospitality industry have all mysteriously been targeted elsewhere. Our temporary licenses have now run out and no permanent license variations have been forthcoming.

Some customers still owe us for beer delivered over 4 months ago, long before lockdown. The small operations we are happy to work with (we understand!) but two companies are PLC's — City Pub Company PLC and Cineworld PLC — and both are refusing to take our calls or pay what is due. I'm sure such behaviour will not go unnoticed.

The pubs are now re-opening. Our pubs will restart this coming weekend. You will notice some changes, both big and small, while we adapt our pubs to operate with appropriate customer and staff safety to the fore. We are staging our re-openings, whilst we feel our way in this new world. We hope our customers will understand that this is a learning process for all of us. Please monitor our social media pages for announcements. We'll endeavour to keep up to date.

While half the brewery staff, and all of the pub staff were furloughed we remained busy. The Haymakers acted as a hub for the Red Hen charity throughout the lockdown — supporting local families in need. The Pegasus Cup rowing competition happened in cyberspace this year — and we raised ~£3600 for Milton Children's Hospice.

The brewery remains open for polypin and firkin collections. We have found it necessary to raise our prices. These are now given on the website for each beer. We now take card payments.

We look forward to supplying good pubs with our great local beer. Please continue to support these businesses as we all attempt to get back to normal.

Thank you.

Richard Naisby
Milton Brewery
2nd July 2020