Beer direct from the brewery. Tel: 01223 862067. 36pt polypins from £67, 72pt firkins from £102.

COVID-19; Current status

Milton Brewery is now operating as near-normal as we can, in these odd times...

We are gradually bringing back our full range of beers. We supply everything from milds, bitters, golden ales and strong pales up to an Imperial Roman stout. Private customers can collect firkins (72 pints) and polypins (36 pints) by order.

Our three pubs are now open, though operating slightly curtailed hours and with a reduced menu.

Like all businesses, we are aware of the need to be COVID vigilent, and request that you please wear a mask on entering the brewery. We may need, from time-to-time, to close at unpredictable hours - it is the nature of working within the current rules. Our social media posts should be an accurate guide to present practise.

We thank all of our customers for your support over the last 15 months and hope to see everybody thriving as soon as we can.

Richard Naisby