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Pegasus Cup 2010

The Pegasus Cup The Pegasus Cup is awarded annually to the most successful college boat club competing in the Cambridge May Bumping Races. The points system is as follows.

To get a score for each club, calculate the total number of places gained or lost so far by all the boats of that club, multiply these by 12, and divide by the number of boats. A night rowing over as head crew in the 1st division is counted as a gain of one place. In the event of a tie, the club with more boats wins, else the tie stands.

To be eligible a club must have at least one men's and one women's boat (except in the case of single sex colleges where two boats of the same sex may be permitted).

Congratulations to Clare Hall, winners of the 2010 Pegasus Cup competition.

2010 Results

Final Standings
Club Score
Clare Hall 42.0
Pembroke 38.4
Murray Edwards 36.0
Christ's 30.0
Newnham 28.0
Hughes Hall/Lucy Cavendish 27.0
Emmanuel 24.0
St Edmund's 16.0
Magdalene 13.7
Robinson 12.0
St Catherine's 4.8
Fitzwilliam 4.8
Caius 4.0
Queens' 1.7
Peterhouse 0.0
Sidney Sussex 0.0
Corpus 0.0
CCAT -3.0
Trinity Hall -4.0
King's -6.0
1st and 3rd -9.6
Selwyn -9.6
Downing -10.3
Girton -12.0
Homerton -12.0
LMBC -15.0
Clare -15.0
Wolfson -16.0
Churchill -31.2
Jesus -37.5
Darwin -42.0

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